Lighthouse Ranch is managed by the BLM Arcata Field Office, and is located twelve miles south of Eureka, and five miles northwest of Loleta, situated on Table Bluff.  The site overlooks the Eel River Delta, the South Spit of Humboldt Bay, and the Pacific Ocean, occupying a site of exceptional panoramic views.

BLM manages the site for open space protection and public recreation use such as picnicking, hiking, sightseeing, and wildlife viewing, and for natural resource interpretation.  In the vicinity of Lighthouse Ranch, some 9,000 acres are managed by four public agencies: BLM, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW), and County of Humboldt.

The Table Bluff light station, for which Lighthouse Ranch is named, was activated on Oct. 31, 1892. The original oil-fired light and lens were replaced by modern optics in 1953 and the steam-powered foghorn was shut down. The lighthouse was deactivated in 1971.  Afterwards, the abandoned two-story lighthouse was disassembled and moved elsewhere. 

The site became a commune around the same time the lighthouse was deactivated and about 200 people lived here, using existing buildings and worshipping in the fog signal building which had been converted to a chapel.  They abandoned Lighthouse Ranch in 1996 and the property fell into disuse.  It was acquired by the State Coastal Conservancy and transferred to the BLM in 2012.  Several dilapidated structures, including the fog signal building, a carpenter shop, and oil house were demolished and the site was improved for public access.