The Lost Coast Headlands are located along the coastal bluffs south of the mouth of the Eel River, approximately 280 miles north of San Francisco, 25 miles south of Eureka, and 6 miles west of Ferndale. The 463 acres of public land, managed by the Bureau of Land Management, provide seasonal beach access and offers opportunities for hiking, bird watching, wildflower viewing, and beachcombing.

The Headlands contain a variety of habitats in a relatively small area including grasslands, coastal scrub, forested pockets, several fresh water creeks, ponds, and seeps.  The northern point is a place of rolling mountains and windswept coastal bluffs crumbling onto narrow beaches.  The western boundary is composed of steep bluffs, slides, and beaches that provide foraging habitat for shorebirds and gulls.  The coastal scrub that surrounds the ponds and covers some of the hillsides provide habitat for warblers, sparrows, hummingbirds, and other bird species.  Grasslands provide foraging habitat for black-tailed deer, small rodents, raptors, and songbird species such as savannah sparrows.

The area also includes two perennial streams, Fleener Creek and Guthrie Creek.  The Fleener Creek watershed consists of forests and grasslands dominated by dense red alder and willow.